About us

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FRAME-ALL is an Edmonton, based framing company that has been in the Alberta construction industry for a generation. The company initially began its framing technique by using traditional stick-framing. With time, they have applied a technology to modify the process of framing by incorporating the specifics of panelized framing into their process. In late 2018, the company relocated in Nisku Industrial Park and has been using an indoor 14,000 square foot shop to build walls, floors, and roofs (when applicable). FRAME-ALL has also developed a full range of drawing services including 3D software in order to prevent errors or miscalculations in building plans.

FRAME-ALL is involved in the manufacturing and sales of prefabricated storage units (barns, baby barn kits, sheds, and garages) for residential or commercial uses. FRAME-ALL has a dynamic research and development department looking into reusing and refitting containers into accommodation units.

FRAME-ALL can design, build and deliver your project on time. We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of construction and significantly reduce waste of construction material.

Our Team

Construction - Easy.

We started as regular framers, picking up jobs where we could with a crew of 4. We have grown to understand that the industry needs more – more environmentally, more efficiency, better quality. We’re doing our part and have grown to have a shop, 14 full time framers.

We provide our builders with an option to the traditional Methods of construction and framing.